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Lockdown 2.0 catch-up

Hello Everyone, I hope you are doing ok! I realise it's been a few months since I've updated my blog (since I've been allowed to work again!), and now we are back in lockdown I have decided to start sharing all of the incredible shoots I was lucky enough to take part in in the few weeks I was allowed to work, and to have a chat about how my working processes have changed with the new guidelines.

Behind the scenes, Mazz Loxton, Bridal Hair and Makeup Artistry, Sheffield. Image by EKR Pictures
Bridal Hair and Makeup

I love taking part in shoots. Not only does it allow me to try new hair and makeup looks, but it's a really good opportunity to get used to new working practices. My first shoot back (sorry no images for this one yet as it's being published next month!) was with a model I had worked with before, and I also new a few of the other suppliers, so it was really nice to be in familiar company. As well as all the shoots (including a real proposal!) I took part in, I was lucky enough to do 4 weddings before we went back into lock down, so I've definitely been able to work out processes that work for me.

Before March, I had already started decanting my bulkier products into smaller packaging, which meant I was saving space, but able to bring a larger variety of products with me. Since March, I have now looked at every item in my kit, and decanted everything that could be put into smaller packaging, and to work from artists palettes. This means that no packaging is left open at any point other than when I am putting product onto a palette, and a much lower risk of contamination. It also means that if for any reason a product is contaminated, I am throwing far less product away, and I have spare at home to replace it. My makeup brushes are all now in a little zip locked organiser, so again, they are not left exposed to the air unless they are in use, and then they go in a designated 'dirty brush' pencil case for me to clean either between clients or at home. This has all added a lot of time to my makeup services, but I would rather it take a bit longer than risk the health of my clients.

My hair styling processes haven't really changed that much though. I decanted all of the product that I could into smaller bottles to save space and risk less product, and everything remains closed over whilst a service is in progress to reduce risk of contamination. All hair brushes are cleaned and sanitised between clients, all setting clips are either cleaned and sanitised between clients or put in a separate bag for me to clean and sanitise at home. When I was first allowed to work again, I wore gloves as an added precaution, but seeing the dead glove pile grow made me really sad, and actually I found it really hard to feel what I was doing when I was styling hair, so I decided not to continue with that after the first few weeks.

Textured Boho Bridal Hair Style, Mazz Loxton, Hair and Makeup Artistry, Sheffield. Photography: Veil and Gun
Texutured Boho Wedding Hair

And now we're back in lockdown and I have no idea when I'm going to be allowed to work again. But that doesn't mean I'm not doing anything. I have so many shoots to share with you, and I'm going to be working on some in depth hair tutorials (you better believe I'm going to show you how to create the best braids of your life!) and lot's of product research after so many of my products have expired and I haven't been able to use them up (I actually have no skin care products left!) so I definitely have enough to keep me busy.

But I want to know what you've been getting up to. How have you been? And do you have concerns about having your hair and makeup done for your wedding? If you don't feel like leaving a comment, that's ok! Pop me an email at mazzloxton@gmail.com and we can have a chat!

Mazz x

Mazz Loxton is a professional Bridal Hair and Makeup Artist, helping brides capture their wild and romantic soul in their hair and makeup for their wedding day. Based in Sheffield, and carrying out services across South Yorkshire, The Peak District and Beyond

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