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My top 5 Bridal Hair Styles of 2019

Updated: May 26, 2020

I have had the pleasure of creating a variety of hairstyles this year, and had the most incredible opportunities at Bridal Hair workshops with Le Keux Vintage Salons and Parties, and the Queen of Boho Hairstyling herself Ulyana Aster. As the new year (and the new decade!) approaches, I just wanted to take a look back at my year, and look at my top 5 favourite hairstyles that I have created.

5 - Oodles of vintage Swirls

I created this on my workshop with Le Keux Vintage Salons and Parties over the summer. I have a lot of brides that look for more of a vintage style, and I love to combine vintage with boho techniques. Having trained initially as a Film and TV Hair and Makeup Artist, period and vintage Hair Styling and Makeup were quite a large focus of the course. Since moving to Sheffield and deciding to focus on Bridal Hair and Makeup,it's not something I have done as frequently as more rustic styles, so I wanted to take the opportunity to take some more specialised bridal vintage hair training. I love getting creative with vintage styles, and have lots of shoot's I want to plan to showcase different bridal vintage styles from different eras!

Vintage Bridal Hair Style, top 5 bridal hairstyles of 2019

4-Romantic, Boho Textured Pony Tail

Sometimes less is more. With so much detail going on in this shoot, we really wanted to keep the hair and makeup clean, and simple to allow Bronte's natural beauty to shine through. A couple of strategically placed hair accessories really helped polish this beautifully simple updo.

Boho Bridal Hair Stylingtop 5 bridal hairstyles of 2019

Boho Bridal Hair Stylingtop 5 bridal hairstyles of 2019

3-Mermaid Braid Bun

Ok, so technically this was a flower girl, but I have used this same hairstyle on brides and bridesmaids. I just absolutely love working with texture and braids, and how versatile they are! And then when they're topped off with gorgeous floral combs? Even better!

Flower Girl Mermaid Braid Bun, top 5 bridal hairstyles of 2019

2-Textured Boho Bun

I love creating texture with braids and twists into all sorts of styles from whimsical boho styles, to more classic and refined buns, like this one! Stephanie had so much hair for me to play with. I love that there were so many elements that went into this hairstyle that you would only notice from up close, but that without them, the hairstyle would be totally different!

Textured, Boho Bridal Bun, top 5 bridal hairstyles of 2019

1- Boho Textured Braid

If you follow me on social media, you may well be sick of seeing this image, but you know what? I don't care because I love it! It is hands down my favourite hairstyle that I have created this year! Inspired by the one and only Ulyana Aster, I took Sophie's hair into lots of seperate sections, braiding and twisting, and teasing in lots of layers to make the most of her gorgeous hair. I created this hairstyle before I took part in Ulyana's Masterclass in London this month, and I can't wait to create more styles inspired by Ulyana's incredible work.

Whimsical, Boho Textured Braid, top 5 bridal hairstyles of 2019


I've been lucky enough to have some images taken behind the scenes whilst creating some of these hairstyles! They really show some of the elements that go into creating these hairstyles that you might not notice unless you are right up close!

Mazz Loxton is a professional Bridal Hair and Makeup Artist, helping brides capture their wild and romantic soul in their hair and makeup for their wedding day. Based in Sheffield, and carrying out services across South Yorkshire, The Peak District and Beyond

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