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Makeup Tips For Wide Set Eyes and How to Balance Out the Look

Having wide set eyes comes with its own unique beauty, but if you’ve ever looked in the mirror and noticed that your eyes seem too far apart, you know the struggle of trying to figure out how to bring them closer together. That’s where makeup comes in! With just a few simple tricks and tips, you can use makeup to balance out your features and give wider set eyes an illusion of being closer together. In this post, we will discuss how to best apply makeup products like eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara so as not to emphasize separate areas of the face or make your eyes look wider than before. By the end of reading this blog post, you’ll have all the information necessary for achieving what’s sure to be perfect look for any occasion!

How to create the perfect look for wide set eyes with makeup

Wide set eyes are a beautiful feature, but they can be a bit tricky when it comes to makeup. To make your eyes appear closer together, there are several tricks of the trade that you can use to create the perfect look for your wide set eyes.

Start by choosing an eye shadow in two tones similar to your skin tone. Using a lighter shade on the inner corner and a slightly darker shade on the outer corner will help pull your eyes inward and give them more definition. You should also add some highlighter along your brow bones and inner corners of your eyes to brighten them up even more.

Next up is mascara. For wide set eyes, it’s best to focus on length rather than volume. Starting at the base of your lashes, wiggle and sweep mascara up through the tips to get an evenly distributed look. Then, apply it to both top and bottom lashes for a more natural effect.

Lastly, use eyeliner strategically to create balance. A dark pencil liner on your lower lash line will help push your eyes inward, while a thin liquid liner on your upper lash line can be used to frame and define them. Finish the look off with a few coats of volumizing mascara for added drama that won’t make your eyes appear further apart.

With these simple makeup tricks, you’ll have wide set eyes looking their best in no time!

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Secrets and strategies to enhance your wide set eyes

  1. Use Eyeliner: Eyeliner can help define and shape your eyes, making them appear wider than they are. To get the best results, use a soft pencil liner and draw a single line starting at the inner corner of your eye and extending to the outer corner. Make sure you apply it close to the lash line to accentuate your eyes.
  2. Highlight With White Eyeshadow: Using white eyeshadow on your inner corners is also an effective way to make wide set eyes look more open and bright. Try using a light shade of matte white powder or cream and lightly brush it onto your inner corners for subtle but noticeable enhancement.
  3. Curl Your Lashes: Curling your lashes is a great way to open up and enhance wide set eyes. Hold an eyelash curler as close to the base of your lashes as possible, then press gently for several seconds. The result will be longer, thicker-looking lashes that help bring focus to the center of your eye area.
  4. Try Shimmery Tones: Shimmery tones like champagne, light pink, or taupe can help draw attention to the center of your eye area and make them appear wider. Be sure to blend the colors well so you don’t end up with any harsh lines or unevenness.
  5. Apply False Lashes: Applying false lashes is another great way to make wide set eyes look wider. Try using shorter lengths and adding a few individual lashes to the outer corners of your eyes for an eye-opening effect.
  6. Use Mascara: Finally, one of the easiest ways to enhance wide set eyes is by using mascara. Choose a lengthening formula and wiggle the wand as you apply it, starting from the base of your lashes and working upward toward the tips. This will help create an illusion that your eyes are closer together than they actually are!

Follow these simple tricks and you’ll be well on your way to having beautiful, wide-set eyes in no time! With some practice and patience, you can create a stunning eye look that will turn heads wherever you go.